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Has Never Been

Easier !

Same Day Dentistry

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What Matters Most

The 4 OnCall Dental Advantages

At times, we are all faced with immediate dental needs and it may feel impossible to find the right dentist, get an appointment, and the treatment you want, TODAY!   Oh, and at the same time experience Quality and Convenience.

Introducing OnCall Dental…

Streamlined Dental Experiences

Instant appointments, shortened paperwork, dental rooms ready for you

Certified Trained Experts

OnCall Dental offices have completed a rigorous Training/Certification Process

Where Quality and Convenience Collide 

The best materials/training combine with  smart technology for convenient appointments

Instant Emergency Treatments

Our triage protocols and rooms are ready to help you now

The urgent care dentistry model is genius. I think there is a huge need for it. My patients love being able to be seen immediately and now. My practice has grown significantly using this model. The training and certification helps me to be a better quality clinician.

OnCall Dental Providers Reviews

-Dr. Sandra Leady DDS

OnCall Dental Urgent Care has proven protocols & procedures for the emergency patient that I can implement immediately in my practice. Their panel of experts and hands-on training was vital in assisting our office to grow.

OnCall Dental Providers Reviews

- Dr. Kevin Jeffers DDS

I opened up my OnCall Urgent Care Dental office in 2016 in Fresno California. We provide patients with top-quality care when they need it most. We have been hugely successful!

OnCall Dental Providers Reviews

- Dr. Art Mirelez DDS

Our office recently incorporated Oncall Dental Urgent Care into our practice and we are super excited to grow with this model. Recently we visited all of the urgent cares and Hospitals in our area and impressed them with OnCall dentals solution to helping patients receive access to dental care. We are different from Medical urgent cares because we actually perform treatments to alleviate dental pain.

OnCall Dental Providers Reviews

- Scott Guest DDS

OnCall Dental Urgent Care training and certification has changed the way I practice. My root canal therapy and trauma skills are off the charts! Having urgent care skills has increased my confidence to handle almost any emergency that walks through my door.

OnCall Dental Providers Reviews

- Dr. Josh Badal DDS

Happy Patients
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